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BriNJoe- The LS Advocate

We’ve been Partners In Life and Business for Several Years. It’s our True Love For The Lifestyle That Inspired Us to Create a Special Place For Other Lifestyler’s - #SXLS A Secret Society, For U By Us! For Entertainment, Recources, Events etc. A Place For Us All, For The Lifestyle & Adult Businesses and Brands We Love as Well. In Addition to this , a Dedicated Destination For The Single Swingers Looking For More- 


While Promoting The Platform, We’d Met Some Really Awesome People Along The Way, and Began To Have a Great Time On Social Media-  #BriNJoe - The LS Advocate was Born. 

(SXLS , The Secret Lovestyle Society is a work in progress, we keep our followers, posted on the  launch date TBA ) 

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Exposure Services

Soon we’d gotten to know the business side of The Lifestyle, Really Well. We’d begun to handle social media management and marketing for some awesome LS brands (as well as our own!). It had become evident that something was missing from The Lifestyle, It’d become so obvious to us that we WERE providing that which was “missing“ !

So we’d developed Exposure Services that Offers much of what we do Today as a Marketing Agency and Exposure is still offered to those that haven’t the budget for an agent or an agency, but still need the guidance and help with their Startup. 

Between our Passion and The Demand For Niche Marketing Business and Brands, It’s now blossomed into what it is today..

LStyle Media Social 

Satisfying Your Every Marketing Need! 


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